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Fishy Architecture

I received an email last night from Daniel Stoddart over at Lollardy poses the question “Can church architecture get any tackier than this?

My email response to him was simply John 11:35.

Why? Because again, once again we unfortunately prove Franky Schaeffer correct when he wrote in his book Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts the Church has lost its influence on society by losing its influence on art, music and other forms of media.

While this book was penned back in 1981, one of those other forms is now the Internet. And the mediocrity can be seen in new church building after new church building takes the wide path of convenient contrivance to the narrow path of compelling culture. Not that we shouldn’t use modern art and architecture, but let’s put it to use to build a new era of cathedrals, statues and other art that are as equally edifying to God as they are accomodating to performance-based congregations. Institutions that are so gloriously beautfiul that non-believers are sucked into becoming seekers. It happens all the time in New York City with some of the 19th century cathederals throughout the city.

The same holds true for church web sites when I see gimmicky gold spinning crosses, Flash splash pages that are nothing more than spelling lessons, mundane mission statements and/or multi-color fonts surrounded by rainbow dividers. You can read more about my rants on how our abdication of the arts has lead to our abdication of influence on our society in an interview I gave Niphal a few months back.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some Schubert/RAP/remix I’d like to listen to.


  1. I ordered that book about a month ago (not through amazon, through a Christian supplier where I get discount) and it’s yet to come. It better be worth it!

  2. That is a seriously not attractive church… how did they get that???