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Old Browsers

Yes, even I have a couple older browsers on my machine — for the simple reason some of my users still — well use them.

This morning I bring to your attention the semi-definitive Browser Archive from the good folks at evolt.org. Credits and kudos to Ants over at Niphal for the link.

As for managing multiple browsers, as always WebMaster World has some useful information — while A List Apart justifiably curses such necessity. Surprisingly, it is Microsoft that offers an article on how ‘listening’ to your users User Agent can make you a better developer. Which is contrasted with the WaSP page some developers redirect users with what I like to call bowswer browsers.

Finally, here is a semi-definitive list of MSIE competitors that includes short historic describes the various browsers we as developers have to contend with.

One Comment

  1. Hi Dean,

    I think the WaSP have end-of-lined the Browser Upgrade Campaign in order to focus on other areas that need attention, because – in the main – the campaign, well, worked.

    And even JZ’s new book ( http://www.zeldman.com/dwss ) talks about accommodating broken/old browsers. Not that he ever suggested locking them out in the first place, just giving them plainer content.

    Happy Friday!