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w.bloggar v3.01 released

This article is brought to you by the brand-spanking-new w.bloggar version 3.01. Okay, so I waited a week. Still, here are some of the new and/or improved features:

  • Support to add Media Information on posts using the WMP 9 Series Blogging Plug-In.
  • Better control on Preview formatting, now you can use a CSS file and disable the line-break conversion to <BR> tag.
  • The F12 key now is the shortcut to toggle Preview mode.
  • New Custom tags in addition to the existing ones can be accessed using Ctrl+F9 to Ctrl+F12 keys.
  • New Option to allow open the Web pages using your default browser
  • Support to the “Extended Entry” field on MovableType blogs thru the special tags <more_text></more_text>, is a good idea to add it as Custom Tag if you often use the “Extended Entry”.
  • Now the last blog used on an account is recorded and automatically selected the next time that a login is made on that account.
  • New supported tools: PostNuke and EraBlog.NET.

Why is tool so cool? Well for those of you using popular weblog or content management systems to drive your church web sites, w.bloggar provides a nice client-based interface for you and your church staff. Now the only thing you need to do is select and engineer one of the following blog or CMS tools to get the job done:

  • Blogger
  • Blogger Pro
  • MovableType
  • b2
  • BigBlogTool
  • Nucleus
  • Blogalia
  • BlogWorks XML
  • Drupal
  • Xoops
  • E-Xoops
  • Upsaid
  • TheBlog – BrTurbo
  • PostNuke
  • EraBlog.NET

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  1. As a Movable Type user, you might find Zempt interesting. Zempt is a project by Bill Zeller and myself that allows you to manage your weblog offline like w.bloggar, but with access to all of the MT entry fields.

    The Zempt site is http://zempt.com and I have a short writeup about it at http://kalsey.com/2003/05/zempt/