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MS Linux

It’s Friday, time for some fun before we spend the weekend watching our sites go up-n-down as my host provider moves datacenters. So unless you want some kitchy disco tune running through your head all day, here’s an interesting news annoucement you might find amusing:

Microsoft Linux – the premier linux distro – Microsoft Linux provides all the power of the Linux Operating System with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from Microsoft Products. Microsoft Linux brings a new level of productivity to Linux, without sacrificing flexibility, performance, and control. In addition to features like My Home Directory and My Configuration, Microsoft Linux contains greatly improved support for Web and Enterprise development. With Microsoft Linux Enterprise Edition, you can create scalable multi-tier applications using our new Graphical User Interface command-Line Technology (GUILT)?. Extend your productivity with optimized support for Internet Active-XWindows? Technology and built-in Internet Xplorer web browser.

And here I thought I was going to go with Lycoris.


  1. Speaking of Lycoris, is it any good? I’m intrigued by the whole Linux operating system thing, and have been debating installing some flavour of it on my home computer for a while now.

  2. Sparticus,

    I run Redhat 8 (soon to be 9) at work and Mandrake 9.1 at home – both are easy to install, attractive and stable operating systems that run quite adequately on Pentium III 750 (work) / Pentium II 400 (home) hardware.

    If you (I’m assuming you’re from the ‘good’ ol US of A) can get over the fact that Mandrake is French, then I’d say that it’s probably the better choice for home use, IMHO.

    God loves the French too, you know ;)