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Finding Decent Unix Server Hosting?

I haven’t been visiting /. alot lately. It’s just been so lame lately. However, via a comment on DiveIntoMark, I see that yesterdy they had a discussion on Unix-based web hosting.

I’ve hosted my website and a number of others at Communitech for 4 years now and I’ve enjoyed affordable, quality Unix hosting that has given me no headaches. Recently they have been bought out… So now I’m searching for a decent Unix host. My requirements aren’t too bad: I need PHP, MySQL, the ability to configure my server somewhat (htpasswd, htaccess), raw log files, SSH, FTP, crontab, decent bandwidth (~10 GB), POP accounts, around 300 MB disk space …

Sounds alot like my config. What I would suggest is reading the comments in order of hightst ranked. You don’t avoid all the trolls, but most of them at least.

And NO, I’m not looking for a new host. Once my host moves to a new datacenter (still a work in progress), I think things will run very nicely for a very long while.

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  1. Hey, MeanDean, congrats on b4G hitting the 700 mark. I really appreciate the work you’ve done to maintain that website.

    Take care and keep in touch!