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backUpMySQL.pl – is it cool?

Yesterday, Mark Pilgrim’s message of the day was
You know what’s cool? Backups.

Well who am I to argue with such coolness? So in the spirit of “what is Hip“, and myself being in a situation where my host is also changing data centers, I would like to share with you a little utility script I run on my system every night ubiquitously entitled “backupMySQL.pl.”

Basically this little Perl takes advantage of naming conventions used by the standard-fare Apache configuration many of us enjoy. That is, our accounts are usually stored in directories such as “/home/USERNAME” and our database are prefixed with our USERNAME, such as USERNAME_mt. Moreover, a properly configured system will allow you to securely house and run such scripts BELOW the public /public_html &/or /www directory where all your public stuff is published.

With this configuration in mind, I FTP this script in ASCII mode to my root directory (below HTTP access), a chmod -755 so it would execute. I then created a subdictory entitled /dbs and chmod -755 /dbs so my script can access it. I then went to my control panel and cron’d the job to run every night. Okay, so I lied, I did this all from the command line, but as you can see, you can implement this script without having to bash yourself silly.

One other optional feature I have in this script is the ability to FTP my backup to a friend who hosts a website on an entirely different server and service. I reciprocate in kind for him. What this does is insures that we have an “off site” backup — based on the principle that if both our servers go down, then we’ve got a much larger issue at hand (how about global thermonuclear war?). So here it is. Use it, tweak it, let me know ho you like it — just make sure to check the files from time to time to make sure your backups can be restored.

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