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Web giants to declare war on spam

Ealier today, ElectricNews.net reported that:

three of the world’s largest technology companies — Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft — are to announce details of a major offensive designed to combat unwanted e-mail. The initiative, details of which are expected on Monday, will see the three rivals cooperating and calling on other technology leaders to participate in measures aimed at checking the rising flood of spam.

Well it is about stinking time!

I’m not one for big or intrusive government, but I personally believe that spam is crippling our economy in numbers not yet understood. I mean, what else would you say to an act that causes so much of us to lose time and our systems to lose resources when everyone knows that breast enlargement for Dean would be a really bad idea!

Excuse me for that horrible imagery, but most of you have seen much worse by way of spammers. Yet worse than that:

Already unwanted mail is on track to make up some 40 percent of e-mail by the end of 2003: AOL Time Warner, Yahoo and Microsoft say they fear that people will simply stop using e-mail if spam is not stamped out.

My hope is that Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft will use their lobbying resources for pure good instead of using this as a means of leveraging a technical advantage over competitors large and small. There are already enough criminals out there trying to get me to help them get $12,000,000 tax free into the U.S.

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