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Thanking YOU for all YOU do!

I’m still in a bit of limbo with the server move. That said, I’ve got a pretty funny post I’ll throw down a bit later. In the meantime I just wanted to say thanks!

I love you guys (and gals). I mean it. There have been times I’ve wanted to bail on blogs4God, this usually occurs when the “waiting to be offended” or “waiting for Dean to misstep” crowds get in a snit over something we’ve all since forgotten. But you, my beloved friends, my mondo-cool regular readers here at Heal Your Church Web Site, you guys (and gals) make this site a pure joy.

I’m sitting here watching your comments regarding my recent topics regarding tabless design and I just love how you guys respectfully and intelligently discuss your points. The end result being we all walk away a bit smarter at publishing and maintaining your church or para-church websites. Thank you! As the benevolent despot of this site, I now command you to remove your right hand from the keyboard, turn your palm towards your face, then reach your right arm upwardly (palm still towards face), bend arm over shoulder and pat yourselves on the back! I’ll wait …

… okay, enough of the Sammy Maudlin show. Lets get back to the show … and keep up the good work!

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