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Heads-up, server Move sometime this week

Here is a message my host provider sent me earlier today — what it means for you is that you may experience some connection problems later this week.

Hello, As you probably have heard, we have been planning a move of our operation to a new data center. We will be proceeding with the move this week. Our move is mostly in response to the frequent network outages we have experienced with the data center we’re using now. Our staff will be working to minimize any inconvenience to you, or to the people who visit your website. For the most part, it will not interfere with the functionality of your site, nor require any direct intervention on your part. However, for sites with dedicated IP addresses, or with dynamic content such as a forum, we will need to make special arrangements with you. Please use our help desk as a point of contact with us for your specific concerns …

Prayerfully, any inconvience will be a short one.

One Comment

  1. Hey, my host is moving to a new data center for similar reasons. What host do you use, and what data center are they moving *out of*?