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Jacques Chirac’s web site Framed

I was just reading an Internet News Headlines from Reuters UK which described the recent defacement, well technically speaking the domain hijacking, of Jacques Chirac’s web site:

Soldiers’ group denies Chirac website attack

PARIS (Reuters) – A U.S. servicemen’s group denies it has played any role in the taking over of a website set up by French President Jacques Chirac, who infuriated Americans with his opposition to the war in Iraq.

For a while on Friday, computer users trying to find Chirac’s site by typing its address www.chiracaveclafrance.net were instead led to that of the United Service Organisations (USO), which declares: “Proudly Serving The Men & Women Who Serve Our Country!”

So I decided to click on the link at the bottom of the article to see what Chirac’s site was supposed to look like. Somehow, I don’t think a frame of the Slates’ France bashing political cartoons is what the Prime Minister mind. Here is a small image of what the defacement, well technically speaking the framing, looks like as of 2:25pm EST — you can click on the image below to see a full-screen shot:

Chirac gets framed

As you can see, a big difference between what appears today versus what has been recorded over at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Of course what I find astounding is that only a few days after getting hacked, their site gets it again — and no one notices for an entire day!

Mind you, I don’t approve nor condone this behaviour, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I chuckled when I first saw it. For my penance, I’ve posted a big honking article that takes on some Resurrection fisking over at blogs4God.

* UPDATE * the Chirac site now seems to be showing the French Battle flag, white stars on a white background. Actually, it appears that the Slate is now blocking the hotlink to their France bashing political cartoons.

* UPDATE DEUX * Pardon my French, but it appears that whomever is having their way with the site has now aimed the main frame of the site towards Graeme MacKay’s Canadian Editorial Cartoons. The hacker has also modified the title and the noframe tags to read “First Amendment – Freedom Of Speech.
* UPDATE #3 * Woke up — thought to myself, hmmm, you don’t suppose this is one of them instances where the domain expired? In which case, it would explain the ease in which content is changed because this isn’t a HACK, this is just exploiting something often done by pr0n sitesor so I’ve read.


  1. Dean,

    Blogs4God doesn’t have comments, so I will post here that I just updated my Easter entry (which was posted a couple hours ago) with a link to your item on Blogs4God, and a link to this site as well. Thank you for post that McDowell speech. I have not read it, but it must be good; I like McDowell.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Is it immoral of me to sit back and enjoy the increased traffic to my site, or should I do something?

    Graeme MacKay
    MacKay Editorial Cartoons creator
    scratching my head about all this http://www.chiracaveclafrance.net stuff