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Some fun aggregation stuff

I’ve been looking over a variety of aggregation solutions, trying to develop an aggregator that will allow me to help those moderating blogs4God to see who said what and when. My biggest problem is those who’s sites are hosted free by Blogger over at blogspot. Getting what you pay for means no RSS/RDF/XML syndication feed. Hopefully those listed at blogs4God who use blogSpot will see the light and either syndicate their site implementing meta tags as defined by either David Janes or Voidstar.com. I personally prefer the former, though the later gives a person a free RSS 0.92 file to impress their friends with. I’ll take either at this point.

Anyway, while searching about for solutions, I came across some very nifty links on the topic of aggregation. So here they are in no particular order — I hope you find them as interesting as I do: