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Movable Type templates tutorials

It has been a few weeks since I’ve visited Mark Pilgrim’s blog, but it is always like Christmas when I do. Today’s gift was actually posted last week entitled Movable Type templates tutorial. As we begin to discuss using a MovableType as a church website content management system, it is important to know something about the tempates that drive MYSQL data into generated pages.

Which is why I was so glad the aforementioned post by Mark brought to my attention Dorothea Salo’s ongoing series:

What I like about the series is that is as non-geek speek as one is going to get considering the topic. Apparently, Dorothea is like many of you who run and design church web sites, a smart, intelligent, articulate person who is wrestling with the code-monkey aspects of blogging.

That said, for those of you readers who do speak pure-geek, I offer Mark Pilgrim’s compelling compilation of MovableType Templates. For those of you just looking for a quick cut-n-paste job of something simple but wacky, Raging Platypus templates.

To quote Mark once more “Share and Enjoy.


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  2. send me free and movable web templates please

  3. Your tutorial links don’t work, “file not found”