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Misfired Messages Roil Businesses

An article in Wired News describes how ‘Peter Shankman, CEO of boutique public relations firm The Geek Factory, clicked to open an e-mail from a client, he wasn’t expecting to find a topless photo of her inside. The e-mail was intended for her significant other — who was also a “Peter S” — but Microsoft Outlook had filled in the blanks with Shankman’s name instead.’

Ah the price of convenience — and “smart” software that tries to guess what we’re typing because we’re all just too busy, lazy or technically challenged to type in an entire email address, url, or what-have-you.

The point is, if you’re running a church web site or intranet, you might want to pass this article along to your staff so they don’t make the same mistake.


  1. I dunno… If the staff at my church are sending nude photos of themselves around the Internet then we’ve probably got bigger problems than being too lazy to type in an e-mail address ;)

  2. Do you think there is something inherently wrong with sending a nude photo of yourself to your spouse? I can’t see what – other than the fact that one should make sure it goes to the correct person.

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