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squeek machine

It is always interesting to exchange email with you other programmers out there. I recently had a quick back-n-forth about an aggregator I’m going to write to help the moderators manage blogs4God. Here is about how the dialog went:

codemonkey: love your work, will you share? Can I help?
 mean dean: sure, how well do you know PERL?

codemonkey: oh, well, ugh, I’m more of a PHP type of guy.

And I know the feeling, because I basically take the words of the codemonkey when discussing a Python project. Similarly, I used to be that way with PHP, but with more practice and more projects I’m becoming a bit more proficient. Still, I am a way bit away from being able to shoot my foot off without collateral damage using PHP because I haven’t yet committed to memory all of the syntax. Which is why from time-to-time I have to saddle-up my search engine and hunt down specific solutions to specific problems.

A process which led me to this wonderful little site, amusingly named Squeek Machine. Web Developer and Internet Resources. While there isn’t much there regarding PERL and a few other web based technologies, Mike Dobson’s PHP and MYSQL resources offer alot of little code snippets that can make a competent PHP programmer look like a Zen master — which I am — when it comes to languages like PERL.

Anyway, I wanted to share the Squeek Machine. Web Developer and Internet Resources so I never forget where I put the link.


  1. Wow. Totally unexpected, thanks Dean. I was wondering why my hits had suddenly jump, thought it was a colleague playing a joke on me.

    I built the site mainly for myself. Skipping back and forth from language to language it can be easy to get the syntax slightly wrong so I thought it would me useful to put the most commonly used element on a site.

    I’ve not updated it for a while but hope to get back to it shortly and add more to the other sections (and improve some of the code).

    Very pleased to hear that at least one other person has found it useful.

    Happy web developing,
    Mike Dobson

  2. Make it two!

    Implementing a site on pMachine, which is php & mySQL based – so here and there doing little things with PHP. I’m an old VB guy – so I usually know what I want to do but figuring out the syntax is always fun. Thanks for the page!