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Wireless Missions

Steve Romanow over at Land of the Lost brings to our attention the usefulness of Linux and WIFI in his post Great application of Inexpensive Technology.

What Steve is talking about is an article in Wired entitled Uganda Wireless Health-Care Aid where “Satellife, a nonprofit organization specializing in medical technology, hopes the network will significantly improve health care in the poor East African country … The project will be built ‘on the cheap’ using the country’s existing cell-phone network, Palm handhelds and new battery-powered, wireless Linux servers.

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! I wonder if various mission boards of various denominations are aware of such implementations — and if they do, what they are planning in terms of implementation? If not, they may be interested in this article in the Linux Journal’s post on “Remote networking with high-frequency (HF) radio” where “… field personnel in the widely scattered village-towns of Dabola, Kissidougou and Nzerekore now enjoy access to regular internet e-mail, directly from their desktops.

I think it’s time I put together an email and pose this question to agencies such as the International Mission Board, Catholic Medical Mission Board, General Board of Global Ministries (Methodists), Lutheran Church World Missions and any other groups such as those highlighted at MissionBoard.com.

In this digital age, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to get the Gospel out to the furthest regions of the Earth. I’d hate to see that usurped by some other group or interest.


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  3. I wonder if someone has the answer already on the legal aspects of distributing open source overseas. I’d like to see as much help get to those who can’t afford proprietary systems, but I am not sure about all the disclaimers you see about exporting some software overseas.

    Anyone know if this applies to any more that encryption software?

  4. Mission Aviation Fellowship and JAARS have been doing this for years. Check it out: http://www.maf.org/ and http://www.jaars.org/ It would be great for these agencies to get hooked up with MAF or JAARS. The use both linux and the other operating system (in places where linux expertise is hard to come by.)