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Faking It!

Living in the digital age as we do, we are sometimes tempted to “help-out” images, audio files, sermons and other points of truth that are better left alone, warts and all. A good example of this is an L.A. Times Reporter who was dismissed for using their computer to alter some images from the battlefield.

This is why Glenn Reynold’s is not convinced by the latest statement from Iraq which attempts to convince us that Saddam hasn’t assumed room temperature. Or as I prefer to refer this current shell game, “Weekend at Saddam’s” — a parody on a movie by a similar title

weekend at saddam's

Kidding aside, and regarding your church web site, remember, we are supposed to be beacons of truth. So if you’re thinking of faking it … DON’T!

… and you may be sure that your sin will find you out. – Numbers 32:23b


  1. Oooph…while the act of altering images shot from the war front is pretty clearly wrong, the issues aren’t always quite so cut and dried for churches. What about cropping? My wife does scrapbooks,and I often bug her that by cropping images she really is “Creating Memories” – you can really change the story a picture tells by just shaving off the edges. For a church site, what if I wanted to blur out a child’s face (for privacy reasons) from an otherwise powerful shot? What if an otherwise ordinary photo could be used as the basis for a “digital artwork” that was really powerful? As always – context is important. Images in newspapers are assumed to be unaltered snapsnots of things happening. Images on church websites often serve a different purpose – with different concerns and constraints.

  2. Yes the war picture was clearly wrong and terrible. It changed the entire feeling of the picture and tried to make an American soldier look terrible.
    Depending on what you are talking about pics for a church site may not hold the same water.

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  4. you’re nuts. You can crop photos and color correct them to look right. True you can’t like do fakey montages ala the sadam pic up top, but you are in no way perverting the truth by making an image look pretty. nutty.