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Use a firewall, go to jail …

Here is a disturbing little story I just read in The Register entitled “Use a firewall, go to jail, and send Bill Gates too.”

The (DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright Act clearly isn’t enough for some people. Massachusetts and Texas are – in curious formation – considering bills that will extend it to make firewalls (among other things) illegal …

“If you have a home DSL router, or if you use the ‘Internet Connection Sharing’ feature of your favorite operating system product, you’re in violation because these connection sharing technologies use NAT. Most operating system products (including every version of Windows introduced in the last five years, and virtually all versions of Linux) would also apparently be banned, because they support connection sharing via NAT.”

So my question is, since I have a DSL router AND a firewall here at home, does this mean I’ll soon be blogging from prison? Which I suppose if I did, would also use similar hardware.

Yes, I know, this has little or nothing to do with healing your church web site — or does it — how many of you have routers, bridges and firewalls at your church?

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