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Al-Jazeera Web site faces continued hacker attacks

Forbes.com: Al-Jazeera Web site faces continued hacker attacks (via Instapundit)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hacker attacks continued to plague the Web site of Arab satellite TV network al-Jazeera on Thursday, as cyber-vandals replaced the news site with a stars-and-stripes logo saying “Let Freedom Ring”.

Just for some technical information, the first attack on Al-Jazeera Web site was known as a “Distributed Denial of Service” or dDoS Attack. A topic we covered briefly in September when the b2 web site got hammered.

From today’s article in Forbes, it would appear that Al-Jazeera’s domain was hijacked. A topic we discussed back in January.

While I did snicker at first, seriously kiddies, we shouldn’t stoop to the level of the terrorists we fight. Besides, are these guys worth 10 years and/or $10,000?

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