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Al-Jazeera Site Experiences Hack Attack

The Washington Post is reporting on their TechNews.com site that Al-Jazeera Site Experiences Hack Attack:

Hackers attacked the Web site of Arab satellite television network Al-Jazeera on Tuesday, rendering it intermittently unavailable, the site’s host said.

The newly launched English-language page, which went live Monday, was hardest hit in a bombardment of data packets known as a denial-of-service attack.

That snorting sound is me snickering and chortling in the background. Sorry, I know I shouldn’t … but I have images of two or three 14 year olds with more time than sense running a rudimentary kiddie script.

Well, while I’m being politically incorrect, I have wonder if the same individuals who defaced hundreds of U.S. and UK corporate and government Web sites will visit old Al Jeeries’ web site once it gets back online?

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