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Yet another quip for the Rotatoe-Slogan

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve added a slogan to my rotatoe-slogan-o-matic-machine-like-thingie.

Today while exchanging some back-end blogs4God banter with Jen Kibler-McCabe of Meditatio and Michael Ackerbauer of Pray Naked, ‘Macker’ threw down the following response to an accusation that he was jealous of HealYourChurchWebSite‘s supreme coolness:

dude, I have *always* envied you for that righteous design quip. my hero
for the ages.

Puffed up with pride, I of course asked him if I could add the quote to my rotatoe-slogans — to which he replied yes adding the following comment about being linked:

… don’t go doin’ me any favors … I know what it means to be indebted to
the deanster — not pretty.


  1. The Macker *STILL* has not linked me. I might have to open a can of — I mean, I might have to *speak* to him of this… after my nap.

  2. wait a sec here …. this whole thing started because YOU asked us to request caching from you … and now you expect me to pony up *first*???