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Martin, Thank YOU!

For those of you old enough (like me) to remember a hilarious show called Second City TV (SCTV). It included a ingenious talk show parody entitled The Sammy Maudlin Show which was “hosted” by Joe Flaherty and John Candy. The show poked fun at the self-serving schmoozing that takes place on so many talk shows. My favorite episodes were always those when they had “Sammy Davis Jr” (Martin Short) on. Back and forth, “You’re beautiful baby … No you’re beautiful …

I only write about this because my biggest fear in posting this message is that my heart felt gratitude, and my deep respect for Martin Roth might get lost when I say today THANK YOU MARTIN!

If you haven’t visited Martin’s Christian news, analysis and comment you should peramlink it now. It is a shining example of how to run an effective online lay ministry.

As you know, when I review/critique a site, I take great pains NOT to attack the individual who developed it. All I need to do is think back to my first church web site … yes, that’s me you hear gacking … I do that every time I think of the animated gifs I proudly displayed !-)

The point is, Martin has outdone his ever selfless generosity with some kind words about me today in response to some rough criticisms I’ve been taking for how blogs4God is run in an article entitled “Correcting, Rebuking and Encouraging – and Getting the Rough End of the Pineapple.”

So it is with sans (without) “Sammy Maudlin” syrup that I offer you my humblest and most deeply felt gratitude when I say “THANK YOU MARTIN!” … you are truly beautiful.

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  1. So Dean. When you have churches named after you, and the faithful are bringing their petitions to you, can you give us some clue about the sort of favours you’ll be likely to grant.? I’ve never had insider info on a saint before, and I’m sure it would be useful to be ahead of the pack!