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Good News Web Designers Association

Mike Boyink — you sir are too cool!

Mike is one of those readers who leaves me the good kind of ‘love notes’ — chock full of interesting topics for discussion and links to visit. Here’s one of the later he dropped on my desk this morning just as I was mulling over what to post before I run off to work:

Good News Web Designers Association. Here is their mission statement:

The Good News Web Designers Association is an ecumenical gathering of Christian webmasters who are interested in sharing questions, answers and other resources in the field of Web design, while continually learning to improve our websites for the sake of effective evangelization. We are a Roman Catholic ministry without preaching Catholicism or making judgments about the beliefs and worship of other Christians, welcoming people of all denominations on the common ground of our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. As a Christian ministry, no member preaches any denomination nor makes any judgments on what Catholics or any other members believe, so that we focus only on encouraging one another to use our websites to proclaim the Good News to all the world.

As Strong Bad would say, “now ThATS’s what I’m talking about !” — Mike, if you’re ever in town — I’m buying YOU a pizza!


  1. Strong Bad is quite a guy. His responses to emails…very cool.

  2. There was some graffiti here in Australia of Homestarrunner, my girlfriend and I had a Polaroid with us and took some photos! awesome :D they painted over the graffiti a couple of weeks later though.