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Daniel Silliman on Pi

Here is something fun via Daniel Silliman

It should be noted that today is pi day, being 3.14. At 1.59 celebrations will begin at the S.F. Exploratorium.

This is also Einstein’s birthday. Celebrate accordingly.”

I think what Daniel is trying to say between the lines here is that while we can perpetually eat our PI and have it too, one should remember not to drink while trying to modify one’s locality relative to one’s PI with one’s velocity.

Yeah, I know, that didn’t make much sense to me either — leave a comment if you’ve got a better one.

One Comment

  1. Better? Ummm…. different.

    Have a piece of pie on the day of pi for the pi in the sky, relativity guy.

    “Celebrate accordingly” can only mean to play the bar game where you demonstrate that everything appears taller when you spin fast enough. When they fall over dizzy, you win. Not sure that Al would approve, though.