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WPTS – Fade to Black

As always, America’s Web Site has something worth reading. Here’s a couple of paragraphs to whet your whistle

The site is an equal opportunity sucker. It looks bad in IE 6, Mozilla, and Netscape 4.8, with the edge in suckiness going to IE 6. Didn’t look at it with a Mac.

You know what? The home page reminds me of those photo catalogs you get from the discount stores. Everything is crammed together in an effort to get as much as possible on a page. Maybe film people “think this way.”

Wait’ll you find out who Father Flander’s is actually ‘Fisking.’ You wouldn’t believe a group so focused on appearances would have such a stinker of a web site. One that treats colors, fonts and pictures like a few Church web sites I’ve reviewed in the past.


  1. As a former (degreed!) film & video person, I can certainly gaurantee that “film people don’t think this way”. Film teaches you to communicate meaning over time, not by blasting it all at once like that page.

  2. That is certainly a chunky page. It’s not the most illegible page I’ve ever seen, I mean you can distinguish things, however it is a nasty site.