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Today’s Sermon – worthless FlashSplash pages

More good stuff from America’s Web Site:

America’s Web Site quotes from the design bible you should all have by your computer.

The sermon today is about worthless FlashSplash pages. Wait. The word “worthless” is a worthless modifier. Let Father Flanders read to you from the gospel (SOWPTS) — Vincent 9:182

Of course, we all realize that a “Skip Intro” button signifies that the content on the page is worthless. Good Web designers only put content that must be viewed on a page. By giving them the option to skip this material, you’re saying it’s not worth seeing. If it isn’t worth seeing, why do you have it on your site in the first place?

Amen. I seem to like the word “worthless.” Anyway, here’s the e-mail about today’s sucker …”

Can I get another Amen brothers and sisters? I mean, I can’t tell you how many church web sites I’ve run into who have assaulted me with a large, huge, irritating and useless act of Flashination.

More on this topic soon.

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