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Tableless Design : Box Lessons

As part of the RBC re-write, I’m working with tableless design. Like all good coders, I try to avoid re-inventing the wheel at every step. While I did not use the following examples over at Box Lessons, I did find the associated article “Here be dragons…” very instructive in “dealing with the misinterpretations of our current browsers.

Yes, I know these articles are a little more than a year old, still … the example layouts are a good running start at the entire CSS/tableless design issue.


  1. What are reason for going with tableless design? I’m not familiar with the topic.

  2. Tableless is the way to go. Some reasons for doing tableless are:

    1. You seperate content from layout. Your content is in the HTML. Your layout is all in the CSS.

    2. Re-designing only involves re-doing the CSS, you don’t have to touch the HTML, because the HTML is just content, not layout.

    3. Using CSS for layout helps clean up the HTML. A lot of HMTL layout involves putting tables inside of tables inside of tables inside of tables . . . You get the picture. Very messy.

  3. I’ve tried tableless design on two websites:



    Hooked on the Net

  4. You’ll also find some good stuff for tableless CSS over at http://www.Glish.com/