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I D E . P H P

I’m a bit swamped today, but not so much that I can’t turn you onto a few cool tools I’ve found along the way. Here’s one to get you started:

IDE.PHP is a web-based editor for quick development of server-side code. It offers a rapid prototyping environment, letting the user test and save snippets of code with minimal overhead.
IDE.PHP was primarily written for PHP, but has been extended to enable development in any server-side scripting language available on the server where it’s running, like SSI, ASP, JSP, SSJS, even CGI.

IDE.PHP eliminates the need to use several separate programs (text editor, FTP program and web browser) for web development, since all work is done directly through the browser. This helps to shorten development time, and is also very helpful when learning a new scripting language, like PHP.

IDE.PHP requires PHP version 4 or higher.

Just one word of caution, and this goes for any time you install any web-based editor on your server, make sure you protect the directory it is in via a password via your .htaccess file. For more information on how to do that, here is an old but still useful tutorial by the folks at Builder.com entitled “Password Please.

One Comment

  1. I just looked at your IDE.PHP link, and on top of the security issues, I wondered what benefits it might have.

    I see that you contend that it can shorten development time, but it might be better (and safer) to just run a local (non-public) web server to test against, and use better code-editing tools on your computer.

    Interestingly, I have noticed that as the Trotts add features to Moveable Type, it has become flexible enough that you can do a lot of the development from within it. My goal in setting up my church’s site was to let staff and authorized members do as much as they can. I realized yesterday you can point the “templates” to ANY file on the server, so even the “static” pages and style sheets on our site could be edited from within Moveable Type! (I haven’t done it yet, but I’m moving that direction.)

    The downside? There’s no directory listing and no permissions settings, so there’s no way to recover from strange errors or ignorance. (You just have to KNOW where the files go.) You also lose all the syntax-checking and recovery features of a good code editor.

    P.S. I just happened to see your site pinged on weblogs.com.