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How HTML acronyms and abbr. can help …

Adrian Holovaty is tired. He is “tired of AFI, tired of FEMA, tired of MAC.

I concur. There is too much “church speak” on too many church web sites that are too chock full of abbreviations and acronyms that are sure to convince a seeker that your congregation speaks in tongues, even if your’s doesn’t. SBC, KJV, NASB, VBS … the list goes on, and on.

So while Holovaty.com is a weblog that focuses on the technical aspects of news/information Web sites, I think Adrian’s comments, and solutions, about acronyms and abbreviations can and should be applied to our church web sites.

And when your done there, I’ve got some more links on the topic via a June 11 post on this site on the same topic entitled “The <ACRONYM> Tag.” Wow, sorta sounds like a neat title for a movie.

OK, gotta work. TTFN!-)

One Comment

  1. Reminds me of the time, a number of years ago, when I was a new member of a particular national committee. After listening to, but not understanding, conversations that seemed to consist entirely of acronyms, I could stand it no longer. “Before our next meeting, could a ‘glossary of terms’ be circulated so that new members can follow the conversation?”
    “You mean a GOT,” was the secretary’s instant reply.