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NewsGator – News and Updates

I know what you’re thinking, what does “Paul Harvey” have to do with critiquing church website? Nothing. It’s just that the title of one of Michael Boyink’s recent posts entitled “NewsGator – News and Updates” reminded me of one of Mr. Harvey’s syndicated shows where Mr. Harvey has been offering via the radio for over 50 years, what we in the blogosphere have been doing for the past two or three.

The only disadvantage to Paul Harvey’s “News and Comment” is that I need to be tuned into the radio at various times, which can be difficult in a computer-rich, RF generating environment. That, and while I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Harvey’s style, some of the news stories are old news, or not all that interesting to me. Which is why I think personal news aggregators are a great idea. They bring to you headlines, and in many cases excerpts or abstracts of web sites, blogs and news feeds that are of interest to you. Then if you see one that really grabs your fancy, you click on the link and get “The Rest of the Story.”

A problem, which in a round-about way, brings me back to Mike Boyink’s post about the NewsGator aggregator. Similar to Rachel’s praise of Syndirella, Mike has this to say about NewsGator:

via a comment: I just ran across this aggregator that plugs into Outlook

via his blog: I sure like the idea of email and newsfeeds all in one interface.

Okay, I guess all that is left is to talk about various news feeds that could be of a benefit to your church or para-church website. Anyone have any recent compelling content on that topic? It’s worth a write up on my web site if you do.

* UPDATE * – welcome visitors from the Gentleman Genius, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. For your technical edification, I’ve also listed here a few more articles I’ve run on aggregation you might find useful, even if you don’t have a church website that is in need of healing:

* UPDATE 2 * – thanks to a couple of you who sent private messages. Yes, I will review/heal a site either tomorrow. I’ve already got a title for tomorrows post: “Rough Around the Edges“. Stay tuned.

One Comment

  1. Does this mean I have to plug a Bose WaveRadio now?

    I have sort of the opposite vision for newsfeeds – church site as the source rather than the target. By setting up my church site on a blog tool that creates a newsfeed, users will be able to subscribe and get new posts to the site in an aggregator.

    Since aggregators are still “geeky” sort of tools, I’ll also be offering the ability to get posts via standard email.