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Managing Blogs 101

Back on mid January of this year, I covered Mark Pilgrim’s coverage of a news aggregator named Syndirella. Many of you had much to offer, to the point of me having to append the post with three updates. Well this morning I wake up to find Rachel Cunliffe has sent me a nice little note about her latest post, which includes this nes about this news aggregator and just enough more to cover this topic one more time.

She offers a down-to-Earth, no-geek speak explanation of how and why you might use this tool, along with a plain-English description of how to install it.

If you’re like me, and are in touch with several blogs and/or other web sites with syndicated news feeds, this cool tool is worth a shot. Even if you’re not, Rachel’s article is worth the read.


  1. I just ran across this aggregator that plugs into Outlook:


  2. Thanks Dean, I really wanted to keep it geek-speak-free, because some of these new technologies can seem so abstract and unusable.

    Boyink, I’ll go and check out that Outlook plugin, I was just remarking to someone that Syndirella makes reading blogs like reading emails :)