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What is Niphal?

Today’s mandatory reading:

Do you ever get the feeling that there’s just nothing out there? You can’t find a site that makes you think twice? That makes you come back and at the same time is Christ centered? Niphal.com is here to serve the Christian online community in this way.

There is a perception that design by Christians is generally low quality or otherwise unknown. Niphal was set up to encourage good design and show it off when appropriate. Pretty basic!

If you haven’t been to Niphal.com, then go now, I’ll wait …

Niphal.com is a wonderful blog/e-zine who’s purpose is to network geeks such as you and me who are involved in designing, building and/or maintaining our church and para-church web sites.

BTW, you might also enjoy their most current interview with their featured web designer. Also mandatory reading for obvious reasons.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Dean!