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Fresh ISO’s, just like Mom used to Burn!

Here is a link that is also resource filled. LinuxISO.org, “a place to learn about, download, and discuss Linux.”

This is the site you visit when you want to find the ISO distribution of your favorite brand of Linux — or want to experiment with different flavors of Linux until you find one you like.

For example, I wanted to see what worked better on my wife’s Sparc 5, Red-Hat or Debian. So I downloaded both distributions. Burnt install CD’s on my PC then handed them over to my wife. The same can be done for PC distributions, as I did for both Mandrake and Lycoris.

The benefit is that it only costs you in bandwidth, temporary disk space and a set of blank CD’s. The biggest trick was learning how to burn ISO cds. Still, its worth it if you’re going to distribute and/or use Linux to support your church’s back office and/or web site.

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