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RSS Validator

Just got a question from one of you about a web service they’re working on. They wanted to know how their RSS looked. Well, I thought it looked great — so did Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby’s RSS Validator.

Feel the need to build a feed for church/Christian related web sites? Great! Code it, validate it, then email me about it and I’ll talk about it here. Now get busy !-)


  1. Speaking of RSS… I finally got an aggregator going that I actually enjoy using. I think I’m already addicted to it after a few days use! Way to go pyblagg[1].

    See my aggregation page[2].

    [1] http://vsbabu.org/tools/viewcvs.cgi/pyblagg/
    [2] http://eliot.landrum.cx/feeds/

  2. I don’t know how helpful this will be to churches because I’m not sure how many churches would want to have these unfettered discussions posted to their site, but The Fightin’ Fundamentalist Forum has an RSS feed. We also have a JavaScript version. See the FAQ for details.