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How to hide CSS from buggy browsers

Here’s a nice little article entitled ‘How to hide CSS from buggy browsers.’ This would include individuals who insist on using archaic browsers such as Netscape Navigator 4.n and Microsoft 5.n. Or as the how-to page states:

There are several browsers where all the tricks listed here don’t work (maybe they are too standards compliant, maybe they have exploitable bugs that I don’t know yet):

  • Netscape 6.01 up
  • Mozilla 0.9.1 up

Definately something I’m going to use with the Redland re-write as I do have some users who are literally afraid of the computer to the point that they won’t upgrade any application because their afraid it might void the warranty of their 4 year old machine.

With church and charity sites, this is a slightly larger problem than other demographics.

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