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So a lonely bachelor is moved to the plains of Texas by his employer. Lonely, he seeks the company of man’s best friend and proceeds to look in the want ads. There he find what he seeks “Free, Methodist Puppies. Call Farmer Bob at 915-555-1212.” So our bachelor calls the farmer and makes an appointment to take his pick of the litter.

Being a city boy, our single friend gets to the farm, and is awed by a pack of yapping little squinty eyed labradors who are blindly nudging their way about their mom for a meal. The bachelor selects a pup and proceeds to pick him up and leave when the farmer informs him that the little dog needs to stay with her mom another four weeks until she’s weaned. Grudgingly, the bachelor assents and impatiently counts the days until he can bring his new best friend home.

Well the day arrives and first thing in the morning, our single guy heads to the farm, scoops up his little bundle of love and heads for his car, when he turns around again and asks the farmer “Oh, I forgot, what type of puppies did you say these were?”

The farmer replies “Them’s Baptist Puppies …”

The bachelor thinks for a minute. Something doesn’t sound quite right. So he digs deep into his pockets until he pulls a crumpled copy of the ad from his pocket and says “but wait, this ad here says Methodist puppies.”

The farmer replies “yup, but now their eyes is opened!”

I first heard this joke back in I believe 1981 or 82 during Larry Eubank’s first sermon after being ordained as a minister at Montrose Baptist Church in Rockville, MD. Now I know some of you Methodists (Free or otherwise) out there are saying “hey wait …” but if you’re quick, you can switch the denominations then call up your favorite Baptist friend and lay this one on him. I swear, it works just as well the other way around.

Anyway, my point is not groaner jokes, but to simply open the eyes of my Free Methodist readers to a page that offers free web site hosting to Free Methodist Churches that offer a nice platform if you’ve got a small to medium-sized church with an equally medium to small budget to match.

One Comment

  1. Dean,

    You may want to be sure that offer does not apply only to “Free Methodist” churches and not *all* Methodist churches. If I’m not mistaken there IS a denomination called the “Free Methodists” as distinct from all other Methodists.