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The INQUIRER guide to installing Linux

Tired of being cooped-up in the house because of the cold? Here’s a little gem of a tutorial you might find useful when applied to your old PC: The INQUIRER guide to installing Linux

As they put it “It’s blindingly obvious“:

  1. Installing Linux is easy, really Part One – really
  2. Installing Linux is easy, continued Part Two — getting and preparing for Unix
  3. Installing Linux is easy, with care Part Three Details and Precautions
  4. Installing Linux is easy, flexible Part Four — partitioning
  5. Installing Linux is easy, just watch Part the Fifth — Walking through an install

Gee, do you suppose the author of the article thinks installing Linux is easy? Actually, I’ve done it a couple of times. Its not the install that hurts you. It is dealing with device drivers and servers that is akin to a one-way trip into the deepest crest of Malebolge.

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