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Some of you have asked for good examples of churches. I’ve offered one or two. But as I’ve been exploring the possibility of using MovableType as a Content Management System (CMS) for the Redland Baptist redeploy, discovered a health-services charity that has already done so — and done so well.


Now I may not use their layout for a church, but there is the family & children services charity I’ve been thinking of helping out — and this is a nice format/layout for that type of organization.

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  1. Hey Dean,
    I’ve been an occasional reader of the HYC blog for a while :)
    Thanks for the complemens! I designed that site and I’m still doing some work to it. I’m not happy with a couple of the sections, so I’m still tweaking the layout. I also did a relaunch of a Clinical Pastoral Care website at cacpc.org. I’m still doing some work on that one too.

    If anyone has a question or just need some advice on setting Movable Type up, they can drop me a line.