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PerlDiver 2.01

It looks like I might to have to find a new reseller account. When I talk to them, I ask them if they’re running PerlDiver so I can see what Perl/CPAN modules they’re running/supporting. What I didn’t know was that recently, PerlDiver has been updated and improved. Here’s the write-up from the page:

Perl Diver v2.01 digs into your server’s perl installation and giving you the information you need and quick and easy to find manner. Perl Diver v2.01 is a great tool for program developers who need to learn about an unfamiliar server quickly, or for people who’ve just moved to a new web server.

PerlDiver 2.01 also helps the perl developer by offering a quick and easy way to see the available perl modules on their server as well as read the module’s documentation.

Considering the price and the installation – this is a tool you cannot afford NOT to have on your server.

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