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Syndirella .NET based desktop aggregator

Mark Pilgrim exclaims “Syndirella … the news aggregator for Windows I’ve been waiting for.” Having been in need of a multi-source aggregator myself to help manage blogs4God, I tend to agree.

Syndirella is a desktop information aggregator – a program which provides a comfortable environment for reading the information coming from multiple sources, or feeds. The most common uses for Syndirella are reading news sites and weblogs.

It has some other features that I like as well.

  • You do not need to make regular visits to all the sites you read. Syndirella polls the sites automatically and notifies you when a site is updated.
  • You see only the content of the site – the text of the news themselves. The pages are not cluttered with advertisements, navigation bars and other things that are not essential for reading news.
  • Syndirella keeps an archive of the news items published on a site, and viewing the items archived by Syndirella is usually more convenient than using the archive system provided by the site.

One very minor caveat, you will need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework runtime version 1.0 installed. This is a 20 Megabyte download. That said, it is the underlying basis of many new apps being developed in VB, J++ or C#, etc …

* Update *Well, I downloaded it, but got “not a valid Windows file” … I downloaded the source … got another error message. I’m wondering if its an issue that I’m running Win2k Pro and the developer compiled in XP, perhaps with an older/newer version of .NET?

Update 2 I Am Sparticus reports no problem downloading, yet I continue to get very small .ZIP files which when extracted, give me files of 0 byte size. I’m beginning to suspect either an operating system disparity or conflicting versions of Zip.

Update 3 – Dmitry Jemerov (the author of Syndirella) responds with “Attached is Syndirella packed with a different ZIP archiver. Can you unpack this archive?” — YES Dmitry — we have lift off! WOW, how is that for generous responsiveness!?


  1. You know… As the guy who runs the site, I’m starting to question whether I like all this syndication / feed stuff. I understand that it makes it easier for you to read my content if you can just pull my feed along with other sites you are reading and sit down at your computer to read it all in one place.

    But, some of the features you like about this are things that really scare me, such as, “You do not need to make regular visits to all the sites you read.” Well… I /want/ people to make regular visits to my site. :) I also want people to see more than just the content of the blog. That’s why other content is put on the page.

    In my case, if people start really using products like this, my answer will be to start using the “blurb” feature of my CMS and set the feed to only use the blurb. More work for me. But, I can then at least just give you a teaser to get you to come visit my site. :)

  2. (Oh. I’m not personally that worried about my personal blog. It’s just a blog. In my previous comment, it was just an easy filler to use rather than using vague pronouns.)

  3. On a program related note, I downloaded it and it runs fine on my win xp home machine

  4. As one who uses an aggregator (sort of – http://deanmckenzie.org/mt-devel/friends.php ) I personally prefer that people use the blurb type feeds instead of full postings, if I’m interested, I’ll come and visit your site, if I’m not interested, I won’t. I like the aggregator because I don’t have to check all the webpages that don’t update nearly as often as I would like them too! and for that matter, I don’t update nearly as often as I would like to.