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Doing the Mambo

The Mambo Open Source SiteServer is a feature-rich dynamic portal engine/content management tool capable of building sites from several pages to several thousand. Mambo uses PHP/MySQL and features a very comprehensive admin manager. Mambo SiteServer uses a modular framework for component/class extensibility. With Mambo SiteServer there is no need for HTML, XML, DHTML skills. Just enter your content, add a picture and then through the easy to use administrator web-interface click Publish.

Well, at least that’s how they describe themselves. Mambo is an interesting Content Management System. I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’m not going to use it for my Redland relaunch, but it has some nice features worth looking at — though I’d probably go ahead and purchase the HTMLEditbox upgrade for $10 U.S.


  1. I looked at this for a community news portal linked both ways with the church site – but it lacks the RSS syndication, and generally doesn’t feel quite right.

    My current favourites for portal/new/weblog combo are Geeklog and Nucleus.

    I love MoveableType as a blogging tool but don’t feel I have the time to configure it more fully.

  2. Mambo is a great CMS!! It really is that simple. Once setup you don’t need to know any “code” to keep up to date, etc. A new version has just been released that is great. I am switching my church to this now, and the school (k-12) site I manage as Technology Coordinator is now Mambo too!!