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StudyShare’s Verse of the Day, now XML Flavored!

One sure way to get your web site mentioned here at Heal Your Church Web Site is to create a web service or a content stream that we can use on our church web sites, blogs and other online media. Which is exactly what I told Troy Farrell when he emailed me the following information:

You’ve heard from me before, even if you don’t remember. I’ve been looking for a daily verse in XML, but didn’t find one yet. So, I’ve rolled my own:



Please comment on the XML format. The URL isn’t permanent, but can be made so quickly. The verse comes from the light ministry by email. A python script parses the email and sucks the data into Zope’s database.

Love the attitude! Troy couldn’t find one so he made one. Cool! And about the only comment I have about the XML is that perhaps you might want to use an RSS/RDF syndication format. Perhaps an additional feed that has five days worth? Other than that – good job! No lie, I was thinking of modifying VerseScrape in a similar fashion to render its content XML but I guess there’s no need to now. Good work Troy!

Keep the web services and data streams coming!

Troy just emailed me with updated URLs — update your bookmarks accordingly. He also writes:

You’ve inspired me. I’m working on the needed xml specification. I call it dailyverse. It can be the xml standard for syndicating daily bible verses, unless you know of another…Coming soon (within the next 3 hours i hope) to

Comments and code snippits accepted.

How’s that for a change?-)

Pretty darn’d good Troy! Pretty darn’d good!!

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  1. Just wanted to give a big shout out to Troy for creating this. It’s incorporated into our site now. Ah, I love dynamic content!

    Check it out at http://www.gslcwi.com/dailyVerse.php

    God Bless,