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blogs and camera phones

The The Register reports that NewBay Software, a Dublin-based start-up is going to offer software to mobile operators that will enable mobile phone users to create and maintain Weblogs or “blogs” using only their phones.

Now while this is a fantastic marketing angle, not being a lawyer, I can only imagine the privacy issues. Certainly, it will add a whole new level of excitement to blogging to instantly post pictures of the latest train derailment, but what about the relatives of the expired? Or the face of the 3 year old of us parents who’d rather not put such images in the hands of potential abductors?

Though when its all said and done, I suspect all we’ll really get is more pictures of cats – either that, people trying to “create” news. Ugh, here’s one time where I’d rather not imagine the possibilities.

One Comment

  1. only now? I’ve been ranting about this and raving about it for so long on my site that someone finally heard me and gave me a txt message (sms) to http request account at a mobile server place. Only problem is I can’t figure out xml-rpc and the blogger.api to get it working. I’m still ahead of them though, and my way is free!
    (NB if someone wants to help with all my perl related problems then please contact me, you can live on in the knowledge you helped the internet grow to be a better place)