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Site Critique moved to Monday

I know, I know I said I’d have a critique up by tonight but my daughter wanted 24/7 daddy today … that and the site I’m reviewing is going to take alot more healing than I originally thought.

That said, come back tomorrow as I’ll have some neat information abut privacy statements and terms of use disclaimers – and Monday, a critique you won’t forget.

In the meantime, here is some fun late-night reading in no particular order:

  • Truth Laid Bear – A Virus of the Mind – “Continuing my seemingly inexorable slide towards tech-blogging, I noticed an odd turn of the phrase on CNET’s News.com today
  • – Yo NZ, I love it when you talk techie to me!-)

  • Glenn Reynolds is mysting about cat blogs — well let’s see a cat do this -> Dogs for Blogs
  • Slashdot – Fan-Made Star Trek Episode Available for Download – I’m sorry, but I’m not watching any home-grown Trek rehash unless there are some ‘interpretive dancers’ painted green and lots of things blowing up.
  • Spamwars – Let out your anger on SPAMWARS, a Flash game that pits you against the evil Sid the Spammer in the ultimate spam battle!
  • Keith Devens – Things I gotta do before school starts – Daggone! I’m long since done with school and yet his list looks almost exactly like mine – great minds or just a very scary coincidence?

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