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Mark Pilgrim on Raw Stats

Mark Pilgrim offers this sage advice:

Like every self-respecting geek blogger, I spent my New Year’s holiday crunching the numbers from my 2002 access logs. I only have logs starting in February; before then I was using another hosting provider that didn’t provide raw access logs. Note to all geek bloggers: if your hosting provider does not provide raw access logs, dump them immediately

Two things to note here:

  1. Mark is smart to keep an eye on his logs. It tells him what’s popular and what isn’t. From there he can discern what type of content draws the biggest and most consistend audience. Do the same for YOUR church web site.
  2. Real hosts offer real raw logs of visits. The raw logs provide beaucoup (boatloads) more data than many of these free logging services. With raw logs and the right parser, you can find the most errors, things that are missing, people who are trying to hack you, and of course, what’s popular and what’s not. Do the same for yoru church web site.

BTW, I know I promised a ‘doozy’ of a church web site critique. I’ve got kid duty for about the next 8 hours, then after that … well, like Jed Clampett used to say “y’all come back now hear?“.

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