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Which is more divisive?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed love notes that read to the effect:

Why are you dividing the Body of Christ with your site?

I know the {place name of church here} and it is good people who believe in God. So what if they’re not up to the times? You have no right to make fun of them.

Not that I’m judging you, but if I were the judging type, I’d say you’re going to straight to hell for your hate site.

Now honestly folks, what is more divisive? My criticisms and critiques, or Church and para-church web sites that might as well be parodies? Take for example The Holy Word Cafe’s Free Will Baptist Web Site. Would a non-believer turn away because I pointed out the site implemented such cliches as:

  • Star Trek Web Theme, including an .ICOn file?
  • Useless Flashing “Interface Established” Text ?
  • Anti-Right-Click Technology Employed ?
  • A cursed-curser trailer of a comet?

… or does the site itself do more damage to the Body?

Now some of the more cogent emails encourage me to say more positive things. And I do where it is clear that the web servant is trying to give God the very best. But in cases where sites have opted for contrivances over content and style over substance, there’s not much else to do but point out the errors and hope the web servant starts afresh.

BTW, it is a good idea to leave the Star-Trek Archive Themes to sites who’s content has something to do with Star Trek. Its less confusing to seekers trying to determine whether God is fact or (science) fiction.


  1. What is ironic to me is that a good bit of this site DOES have substance! The “Bible Translations” section is quite thought-provoking and is worth a read. I hope the Holy Word Cafe’s web team will indeed revise their home page style to encourage study and thoughtful reading of the substance that is indeed there.


  2. Ah…and the inability/unwillingness to receive correction in the spirit in which it was intended is so much more righteous! I am so tired of the attitude in modern American Christendom that to criticize anything is the ultimate sin. If a 4-year-old proudly presented to me a finger painting of a dog that looked for all the world like he’d lost his lunch on the page, I would ooh and aah over the gift like it was the Mona Lisa. But if a 40-year-old tried the same trick, I would say, “Y’know, honey, maybe this just isn’t your bailiwick.” Grow up and put away childish things, especially childish bruised feelings over legitimate criticisms.

    Dean, you can lay into any site I’ve ever designed any time. I’d consider it an honor and a blessing!

    And now for a criticism of my own: Using a comment system that forces me to use a real e-mail format, rather than my prefered valerie [at] kyriosity [dot] com is not exactly friendly to the anti-spam cause. :^)