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Oops! Britney Spears Skates on Lawsuit

E! Online reports that “The pop princess has filed a $1.5 million federal breach-of-contract lawsuit against Skechers USA, saying the deal she signed with the footwear manufacturer got off on the wrong foot when the Los Angeles-based company improperly used her image to promote its regular line of roller skates instead of her signature collection of skating merchandise.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Dean has lost his mind, what has the poster-child for post-modernism have to do with healing my church web site?!” Yet, her lawsuit has everything to do with your church web site if the topic of discussion is BRANDING. Here are two other examples of branding you may be on the tip of your tongue “Heal Your Church Web Site” and “blogs4God.” That is, they convey an idea, a concept, a product if you will. So too should the domain name of your church’s website.

Without saying anything else, “RedlandBaptist.org” conveys a message, an idea a concept. So what do you do if you’re church’s name is 110 years old, like say “First Presbyterian Church of South Saint Paul, Minnesota?” I mean, there’s only one FirstPresbyterian.org available and that was scarfed-up by the good folks at “First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

“fpcssp.org ?” Well, that’s what the good folks in in St. Paul, Minnesota came up with. It sorta rhymes, but it doesn’t really convey anything church-like to me. Then again, “First Presbyterian” by itself is a sure way of getting lost in amongst the hundreds of other “First Pres’.” out there. So how about these:

  • FirstPresbyterianSaintPaul.org
  • PresbyteriansOfStPaul.org
  • FirstPresbiesOfStPaul.org
  • PresbyterianChurchSaintPaul.org
  • StPaulPesby.org

All of them memorable, all of them easy to remember and relatively easy to spell. All of them break down nicely for search engines and each of them convey a message of exactly what you’re getting without getting lost in the crowd. There other things you can do as well. In the past, I’ve talked about coming up with a one sentence slogan to describe your church. The nice thing about that is that you can use portions of that for your domain name as well. For example, the slogan for Redland Baptist is “A Grace Driven Church for a Grace Needing World.” … guess what our alternate domain name is? GraceDriven.org.

So getting back to Britney Spears. I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself, what in the world are you mentioning that strumpet for? It is an example of a name that projects an immediate image. That’s why she’s fighting for how it was misapplied to the marketing of a set of skates … and why I used it as an example of how something as simple as a name can convey an entire industry, an idea, or in your case, a church or charity.

Oh, and if any of you dare pick “ChurchOfBritneySpears.org” be ready for me to be all over you like “WhiteOnRice.Com.”


  1. Plus it’s always good to reference Britney Spears just to see those hits increase. :)

  2. <sarcasm>Churches shouldn’t be interested in branding and marketing.<sarcasm>