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Full Gospel Assembly – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

At the request of a reader, I was asked to look at some Malaysian church web sites. So over the next few days, you’re going to see some quick opinions rendered. Both the good along with things that could use some healing.

First up to bat is the Full Gospel Assembly – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who immediately needs to add “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” to the <title> tag of their home page (default.asp). I was going to suggest they optimize their graphics but looks like someone got the word. Good job! Much faster loading. Now perhaps break out of the 600×400 restrictions as the three columns sorta crush each other with content.

I might also re-examine the banner along the top. Its font and color theme aren’t entirely consistent with the rest of the page. Its not a big deal, but I do find my eyes keep going there rather than perusing the content. Then again, why not just use text to represent text so it becomes content that is visible to a search engine? And speaking of content, good stuff, though I think it’d be even better with a search engine and a site map. That and I like what I’ve read, so you might want to figure out how to keep adding more compelling content on a frequent basis.

Oh wait, I almost missed their very teeny-tiny hyperlink at the bottom of their middle column entitled “Story Archive.” Okay, let me remind everyone that CONTENT IS KING. And content like these stories should not be hidden under a basket. I would strongly suggest adding story archives to the top level menu that currently resides just below the banner/header.

Speaking of navigation, perhaps the most intriguing issue I found was their use of the left column on their home page. On all the other pages (e.g. about us, outreaches, etc …) the left column is used to as a sub-menu navigation tool. This is good. However, on the home/default page, they do something interesting and unique, they run their weekly events down the left column. I kinda like this. I think I’d like it alot more if they added some ‘sub-menu consistency’ by adding hyperlinks to the events to other sub-pages on the site?

All in all folks, we’re talking tweaks here, not major healing! This is good.

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  1. i appreciatet for full gospal assemblies church of malaysia church is such a working for the glory of GOD. I realy inspare through this web site,this is good and great and best.