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Running Eclipse with gcj/gij

You know, I knew I was onto something when I mentioned phpEclipse last week. Now it appears /. is all gaga for coding Java with Eclipse using the gcj/gij. Now I realize that much of this is pure geek to a number of you, so bear with me.

Eclipse is a nice and free Integerated Development Environment (IDE). The only problem was that it was implemented using a proprietary java platform, making it all but useless to the Free Software community. Enter the GNU project with the GNU Classpath (core libraries for java) and gcj (a GNU Compiler for Java).

This means you should be able to run Eclipse on a completely free platform on a wide variety of platforms. Not much news for those of you who are still struggling with HTML. But for those of you creating web services via servlets, this is probably very good news.

Now if only Microsoft and Sun would quit squabbling and agree on a Win32 implementation we’d be set.

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