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Yo Geeks! Feliz Navidad!

I don’t care how cute a picture is, never, ever put an image this size up on your front page.
Merry Christmas!
Okay, enough healing your church’s website, now put down the mouse and go enjoy your Christmas with your family … as I’ll be doing with mine.

One Comment

  1. Umm…starting to follow the “gurus” and posting unsubstantiated do and don’t type rules, are we? ;)

    My first thought was, why not? If the design accomodates it, and the file size can be trimmed enough, and the picture communicates something to the target audience, what’s the harm?

    Actually the whole file size/download time/user patience relationship is still fuzzy anyway, if you follow the work of Jared Spool at UIE. Percieved vs. actual performance is never a 1:1 relationship.