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Cool comments Jakob Nielsen’s Top 10

Some comments are worth posting – such as the following I received today:

Name: sakamuyo
URL: http://sakamuyo.net/log/


This list seems to assume everyone on the ‘net is a real dummy & picks on some things that just aren’t all that important. On most of the items, I can see why you may want to generally follow the guidelines. But, to call these the “Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes” is just plain silly.

I still think the top design mistakes are such things as:

  • Overuse of heavy and/or animated graphics
  • Assuming design = content
  • Sound files that play automatically
  • Navigation that does not let you just go where you want
  • Anything that requires one specific browser or plug-in

I especially like the second point … design != content … pretty much sums up the problem with most church webs sites.

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